[PRESS RELEASE] The Launch of a Private Study Group Aiming at the Development of Hokkaido as a Data Center Hub

20200714 Press Release (en)

Researchers from Tokyo University, Hokkaido University, Muroran Institute of Technology, Keio University and companies such as Arteria Networks, Sakura Internet, Mitsubishi Research Institute, INC., BroadBand Tower, Digital Edge, Oji Engineering Co. and Flower Communications launched the Hokkaido Nutopia Data Center Study Group on (Tue) 14 July 2020. Hokkaido University Specially Appointed Professor Yamamoto Tsuyoshi serves as the chairman of the study group and the vice-chairmen are Tokyo University Professor Esaki Hiroshi, Muroran Institute of Technology Specially Appointed Professor Kishigami Jay and Keio University Professor Murai Jun. The secretariat is led by Cloud Networks (Inc).
Hokkaido Nutopia Data Center Study Group is established with a purpose of bringing together people from academia and industry sharing interest in drawing a scenario of the internet and data center industrial structure reform in the era of Society 5.0. Due to the large-scale natural disasters and pandemics that have appeared frequently during the recent years, the risks related to the concentration of information in one place have become evident. Based on the common understanding that now is the time for the global scale redesigning of the information networks and data center infrastructure, our set target – introduced soon in the form of a written proposal – is to make Hokkaido a paradise-like location for data centers.


  • Analyzing how the domestic data centers should be placed during the post-COVID-19 era. Discussing the effectiveness and importance of constructing data centers in Hokkaido.
  • A transfer from the centralized and business and profit oriented model where everything is concentrated in Tokyo to a distributed data center model that takes the environment into consideration and data centers are built in the north (Hokkaido).
  • The realization of the Hokkaido ICT Corridor connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan sides of Hokkaido
  • Discussing Hokkaidoʼs role in the submarine cable topology of Japan by taking Hokkaidoʼs geographical location and the activation of the Arctic Ocean submarine fiber-optic cable plan into consideration
  • Hokkaido mediating submarine fiber-optic cables. Establishing a submarine cable freeport in Hokkaido.
  • Establishing an integrated base for the flow of data, goods and people in Hokkaido as a part of the process of shaping Japanʼs new normal.

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